Plastic-Free Workplace: 10 Easy Steps to Reduce Plastic Usage | United Workplace

Plastic is a miracle man-made material. It can be found everywhere. Our lives would be difficult to imagine without plastics. But our appetite for cheaply produced plastic goods and disposable products is drowning the planet. Plastic is non-biodegradable. If not recycled, it can last for thousands of years, and many plastic items are not recycled, like plastic straws and bags.

Committing to help the environment, and to reduce single-use plastics means that we all have a part to play, as individuals and as corporate entities; as at home and work. Even small changes in behaviour can have a cumulative impact, and this includes implementing changes in the office.

But how can you cut down plastic use in your workplace? Here are our top tips for simple changes you can implement to create a plastic-free workplace.