Introducing Touchline | United Workplace

Touchline is a tool designed for collaborative insight and shared light-bulb moments around human experience and cultural change.

We’ve evolved the tool over the last 5 years through live use with clients and internal use at Amicus. The Touchline way of thinking helped Amicus win #4 in Australia’s ‘Great Places to Work’ awards this year.   

Now we’re ready for Touchline to go out from Amicus – we want to put it out in the world to help people and organisations of every type gain insights for genuine transformative change. 

Regardless of context, we’re offering a tool that identifies the human experiences that matter most and finds just the right changes to really make these experiences become the norm. 

Marking the next step in our journey is the launch of our new Community Brand for Touchline and we’re excited to share it with the world! We're licensing Touchline under a creative commons license that allows derivative works and non-commercial use, providing there's that little attribution to the origin of the tool!