Wunderman | United Workplace

Spotlight on how Contract Workplaces achieved a versatile space that reflects and highlights Wunderman's identity within WPP´s new campus in Mexico city.

An open floor plan layout was chosen for the main working area, with supporting spaces situated around the main workspace in a L shape design. This arrangement, together with the use of glass partitions, allows light to penetrate every part of the space and fills the entire floor.

The selected materials and textures were instrumental in defining the character of this space: exposed brickwork, wood, and metal joinery with divided-light glass façades characterise the space as industrial and modern.

Vinyl floors identify each zone and differentiate public, private and semi-private areas. Similarly, the roof design provides texture and reinforces the concept of separation of spaces by using a variety of finishes. The lighting design includes a variety of shapes and sizes in order to further accentuate the different functions of each area.

Designed for flexibility and by positively integrating the different functions of the space, each detail now conveys the brand's strong creative identity.

Mexico City



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