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Spotlight on Space Matrix’s design for business software provider SAP’s workplace, with health and wellbeing at its heart.

SAP (System Applications and Products) specialises in enterprise application software designed to help customers improve the way they manage business operations and customer relations. The client was keen to prioritise employees’ health and wellness in the design of its workspace.

Space Matrix talked to department heads and groups of staff as well as carrying out onsite observation and evaluation to gain an understanding of the client’s requirements. The resulting design includes desk-sharing and a variety of energy-saving solutions within an agile work environment that encourages movement and collaboration.

Workstations are grouped into multiple clusters, with each cluster designed around a different theme. The workstations and meeting rooms are equipped with adjustable desks that can be set according to the user’s height. Phone booths are available for people to take client calls and attend teleconferences. Staff amenities include a teapoint with coffee and table soccer, basketball court and gym with shower room.

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