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Spotlight on the fantastical experience provided by Fourfront Group for the serviced office specialist’s Mayfair fit-out.

LEO’s facilities specialise in providing something imaginative and different. The open, spacious layout of the space in Park House takes full advantage of the building’s dramatic double-height curved walls and roof, with expanses of glazing that flood the space with light.

The client wanted to create a ‘fantastic journey’ through the space, and there are plenty of unique, offbeat features to catch the eye. Fourfront Group’s design & fit-out company Area used joinery to great effect, notably the unusual teepees and long, arching fin wall in the lounge and the suspended ceiling frameworks festooned with greenery. In addition to the natural daylight, the artificial lighting is contemporary and a feature in itself, from the giant stooping floor lamps to pendants that resemble glowing white globes.

The design combines character, style and elegance with a welcoming ambience provided by modern but comfortable furniture and generous biophilic touches.

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