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Spotlight on Amicus’s design for IHG’s forward-looking new workplace, integrating the cultures of two workforces.

IHG (Independent Hardware Group) was formed when Mitre 10 acquired the Home Timber and Hardware Group in October 2016. With the workforce stretched across 2 sites, IHG required a facility to house a staff of 250 that would help to blend cultures and improve operational efficiency.

The client wanted a modern collaborative space that celebrated the heritage of both companies, but laid a clear path for IHG’s new forward-looking culture. The office hosts 10 meeting rooms, 8 collaboration zones, 8 breakouts, 8 phone rooms and 2 quiet zones, giving employees the opportunity to select a space that best suits the task at hand.

All executives sit out on the floor among their teams, with the traditional ‘office with a door’ reserved solely for the CEO. A large modern kitchen area serves as a beautiful communication space, with a clever division of food preparation and barista areas.

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The collaborative environment created by Amicus enabled an easy working relationship to be developed

Head of Integration, Independent Hardware Group