IFS | United Workplace

Spotlight on Fourfront Group’s role in creating a wellbeing-centric HQ facility for global enterprise software company IFS.

IFS required a workplace design that puts their clients and employees at the heart of the solution. Supporting employee wellbeing and providing an extraordinary client experience for visitors and clients were pivotal elements of the original brief.

Employee wellbeing facilities and a state-of-the-art technology solution are at the core of this special workplace design. IFS’ UK Headquarters is set across a three-storey building with the second floor accommodating a gym and the prayer room, the first floor accommodating the main working environment and the ground floor being utilised for the client’s transient workforce, client-facing facilities, a staff restaurant and a 175-seat auditorium.

Wanting to create an exceptional experience for visiting clients as well as wanting to present IFS’ own technology and systems, client-facing spaces have been designed using advanced technology so they can be tailored to the person or business visiting the building. From personalised screens in the boutique hotel-style reception area to the technology solution in the Boardroom and the mind-blowing floor to ceiling state-of-the-art screens in the Client Experience Centre, the customer hospitality area, each part of the client’s journey has been thoughtfully considered and showcases IFS’ innovative products and services.

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