Dupont | United Workplace

Spotlight on how Contract Workplaces helped Dupont to achieve a new workplace that could guarantee its employees’ well-being and comfort.

DuPont’s new offices were created with the aim of recognizing the legacy of the multinational company while transmitting through the new workplace the most recent dynamics of its purpose: empowering the world with innovations that are essential to thrive and responding to global aspirations, such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals, with innovative solutions.

The premises were transmitting the company’s identity and guaranteeing its employees’ well-being and comfort, allowing flexibility in the design of a space with urban vistas and natural lighting. To achieve this goal, the new environment needed to provide an experiential concept of connectivity that went beyond desk limits, in which use and circulation routines extended over the entire project.

Spatial organization is based on the urban conditions expressed in the strips of the external landscape that continue inside the building, forming the rows of desks in the open office, where all hierarchical barriers have been eliminated.


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The spaces design created by Contract Workplaces will inspire to every employee to give the best of themselves.