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Spotlight on the National Lottery operator’s HQ upgrade, remodelled by Fourfront Group to maximise the use of space.

Camelot Group’s workplace upgrade promotes a positive working culture, supports employee wellbeing, encourages collaboration across teams, and benefits the business’s bottom line.

An appraisal of the company’s existing facilities in Watford was carried out by Fourfront Group’s workplace consultancy company 360 Workplace to gain a detailed understanding of how Camelot Group works as a business. The study concluded that the 500 employees could fit into two of the three buildings already occupied.

Having undergone an extensive fit-out five years earlier, the revised solution needed to minimise spend while maximising impact. Fourfront Group’s design & fit-out company Area worked round the existing architecture to create a space that integrates the existing partitions and rooms, removing the ‘barriers’ between teams.

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360 Workplace and the Area team were a pleasure to work with. They understood our requirements and restraints, working in a collaborative manner to really change the way we work