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Spotlight on how Fourfront Group’s space for recruitment specialist Austin Fraser makes connections and brings people together.

‘Provoking the nexus’ means developing a series of connections linking two or more things. For Austin Fraser, this represents a workplace that connects people with each other, with the business, and with the environment.

Fourfront Group’s design & fit-out company Area has created a space for 100 workers, incorporating existing features within the Thames Tower building in Reading. These include a restaurant, sky lounge and 4,000 sq ft rooftop terrace offering panoramic views.

The workspace takes inspiration from, and blurs the lines between, a modern home, boutique hotel and coffee shop. An open-plan concierge area instantly connects staff and visitors, while intelligent architectural zoning means the primary dining area can serve a number of functions to encourage staff to interact with each other, both on a social and work level.

Bespoke furniture in the dining area can easily be modified to create mobile workstations, while the entire space can quickly be turned into an entertainment area for special functions.

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We really believe that what Area has created represents the future workplace

CEO, Austin Fraser