The United Workplace is:

A formal group of like minded businesses.

Based globally but sharing common values, ethics and goals.

All members share a passion for the workplace.

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We are global workplace experts

Global Partners

The United Workplace is a global network of leading workplace specialists committed to the highest level of client service, innovation and knowledge-sharing. The alliance includes the Fourfront Group in the UK, Amicus in Australia, Contract Workplaces in Latin America, Summertown in the Middle East, Ware Malcomb in North America and Space Matrix in Asia Pacific.

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Our partners

All members share common ethics, values and goals, bringing with them a wealth of knowledge and experience.


The rise of business opportunities in Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities in India, and its implications for office design

It is a tale that plays out often enough — a bright, young student grows up in a small town in...

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A healthy body = a healthy mind

In our modern age, where industrialization has radically transformed our lifestyle and the way we...

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Healthy Workplaces

We spend the majority of our lives inside buildings, and a large part of that time in the office....


One of the many benefits of a globally connected network is the ability to share knowledge, market trends and industry insights on a global scale.

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