Changing workplace strategies in China | United Workplace

In the last few decades, China has seen dramatic changes in the corporate space, with today’s technology and knowledge-based workplace strategies differing vastly from its older, manufacturing outlook.

However, the definition of modernity is slightly different from what is generally understood in the West. In China, it doesn’t simply mean modern office designs, dynamic work structures or a razor-sharp focus on workplace productivity.

What it does signify, is a unique mix of traditional values and new-age understanding of business growth. The focus is as much on building lasting relationships with the people one works with, as it is on achieving maximum productivity. Technological innovation and mobile computing have burgeoned like never before – and today, the city of Shenzhen is being referred to as the Silicon Valley of China. However, even the most cutting-edge tech firms may request that their workspace be designed in accordance with the ancient concepts of Feng Shui.