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Spotlight on Space Matrix’s office design for business conglomerate Piramal Group, integrating its diversified workforce.

Piramal Group is a globally diversified business conglomerate, operating across sectors as diverse as pharmaceuticals, healthcare information management, financial services and real estate. Its new facility consolidates 5 offices under one roof.

Space Matrix’s challenge was to design a workplace that would integrate the previously separate business units. The new space had to be a balance of formal and informal settings catering both to clients and employees.

The reception, collaboration and meeting areas have a formal, hospitality feel, while the open office spaces are more relaxed. The strategic placement of enclosed meeting rooms, refreshment area and collaboration spaces helps to maximise the use of space, bringing in as much natural light as possible.

The office is divided into self-sufficient neighbourhoods that cater to each team’s functional requirements. The design of each neighbourhood is unique yet cohesive, encouraging movement and collaboration across the teams.

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