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Spotlight on Space Matrix’s colourful, eclectic workspace for social media network LinkedIn, designed to inspire and connect.

LinkedIn, the largest online social media network for professionals, was moving to a new office to accommodate a growing headcount and allow for the creation of a workspace in sync with its global standards, culture and values.

Space Matrix designed an environment with self-sufficient neighbourhoods, each unique and equipped with an array of spaces for both work and recreation. The neighbourhoods are interconnected by ‘project corridors’ suited to project-based teams. Other shared facilities include a cafeteria, refreshment areas, medical room, game rooms, music room and gym, all designed to provide opportunities to interact. The colourful, eclectic design creates a series of diverse spatial experiences woven together by a common thread expressing LinkedIn’s brand identity and culture.

Space Matrix collaborated with Steelcase to develop customised height-adjustable workstations, with partitions that can be raised or lowered depending on whether collaborative or focused working is required.

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