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Spotlight on the stylish coworking facility created by Space Matrix for Eaton Club, a provider of social and work space.

Eaton Club is a new fintech hub and social work club, a hybrid of a private members’ lounge and coworking space. The facility was conceived as a leisure-workspace for those seeking a contemporary place to work, offering a comfortable bespoke experience with the chance to socialise and network.

The open, collaborative design had to be accommodated within a traditional commercial building with architectural constraints, such as low ceilings. Space Matrix infused luxury and hospitality elements into the design to ensure a truly bespoke experience for the club’s patrons. There is a dynamic and flexible town hall area which can be transformed into an events space while retaining the sense of luxury. The Space Matrix design team even helped to build a coffee bar for the club’s employees.

Overall, the project provides a solid foundation for Eaton Club as it seeks to differentiate itself from its competitors.

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