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Spotlight on Space Matrix’s lively, funky office design for software development specialist Browserstack.

Browserstack is a cloud web and mobile testing platform which allows users to quickly and easily test their mobile and web applications across thousands of devices and desktop browsers. With a rapidly growing workforce, Browserstack required a larger office space that would foster collaboration and teamwork.

Space Matrix’s design concept draws on the idea of transparency, revolving around a metaphorical glass box. Glass enclosed meeting rooms along the central core provide a clear view across the space.

Highlights include an open, informal step-seating space for employees to relax and chat. Exposed brick walls, eye-catching cushions, rugs and funky artwork give the rooms a café-like vibe. Even the whiteboard is shaped like a speech bubble to join in the fun. Meeting rooms are tech-enabled to facilitate seamless collaboration. Snug, comfortably furnished phone booths are ideal for employees who need a quiet, private space to make a call, concentrate on a task or hold a private conversation.

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The best part of working with Space Matrix is that everyone takes ownership of the tasks and are sincere in their efforts to achieve the best results.